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Hazardous Waste Bags

Hazardous Waste Bags and Bladder Bags from HQN address containment and transporting compliance concerns when dealing with specialized waste. Regardless of the application or loading method, HQN has the expertise and manufacturing capability to design and deliver your solution.

special waste bags with multiple spouts by HQNhazardous waste bags by HQNspecial waste bags with bread bag loading and closure optionshazardous waste bags custom designed in Canada hazardous waste bags custom designed by hqn in Canada bladder bags and vac bags with multiple loading and closure options


    • Roll-off containers
    • End dump trailers
    • Rail gondolas
    • Vacuum boxes
    • Tri-axle trucks
    • Lugger boxes
    • Dump trucks
    • Hoppers
    • Demolition boxes
    • Dumpsters
    • Walking floor trailers


      • Contaminated soil
      • Powders, dust, ash, and metal shavings
      • High-heat applications
      • Asbestos abatement and insulation removal
      • Construction and demolition
      • Catalysts
      • Various hazardous and non-hazardous waste
      • Various dry and wet waste