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Dewatering Filter Liners

Dewatering Filter Liners from HQN enable the liquid and solid separation of various sludge waste. Whether utilizing a dewatering container or sludge box, a modified roll-off, or any other custom container (such as a dewatering hopper), HQN has the solution for all your dewatering needs.

dewatering filter liners from HQN dewatering filter liners from hqn in Canada dewatering filter bags from hqn dewatering filter bags from hqn dewatering liners from hqn to fit your container for your wet waste streams
HQN’s filter bag liners fit all standard dewatering containers or can be custom manufactured to accomodate specially designed filter boxes.


    • Industrial sludge
    • Municipal sludge
    • Cooling tower sludge
    • Paint sludge
    • Tank sludge
    • Drilling mud and frac sand
    • Storm drains, ditches, and sump cleaning


      • Provides on-site waste minimization
      • Avoids additional weight and cost of solidification agents
      • Reduces waste stream weight, resulting in lower costs at landfill
      • Contains solidified waste after use for easy disposal
      • Reduces or eliminates washout costs
      • Easy to store and install